The Delicate Arch

by Snow Panda

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released May 13, 2016

Recorded in Alexandria, VA at Changurray and Richmond, VA at Minimum Wage Studios during various times in 2013 and 2014.

Drums and Percussion: Scott Clark
Additional Vocals on "Untitled": Katie Chang

All songs written and performed by Snow Panda
Mixing and Mastering: Gabe Churray
Recording Engineers: Gabe Churray and Lance Koehler



all rights reserved


Snow Panda Alexandria, Virginia

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Track Name: Decompression
I am an astronaut
returning from space

I am a changed man
The burn will subside

The pressure is relieved
The vacuum depressurized
Track Name: Children's Game
Things change as much as they stay the same
These roads are full of joy
These roads are full of happiness

Maybe I'm just new to it all
or maybe I just feel it too deeply
I just want all of you to be happy

Then I'll find some time

and I can't tell you what music is
but you know it as soon as you hear it
and I can't tell you what love feels like
but you know it just as you know how to breath

Then I'll find some time
then share with others who'll understand
Track Name: Da Capo
Just as with blackened trees in West Texas and hovering lights on an outerspace horizon.

A Monolithic Stone in the desert overlooking a mile long train, completely in frame.

yearnin' for the air to stay in my lungs
I never knew
A changed place you can dive into
and love
and leave
i never knew.
Track Name: Fifths
Like lightning bolts
frozen in time that fell from the sky to the earth

to lay in the soil

Burn in the fiery sun
I can't breath anymore

is it me?
is it you?
Track Name: 103
Thank You for patience
Thank You for timbre
Thank You for tone
Thank You for feeling

Sometimes when presented with an impossible situation
The answer doesn't seem so impossible anymore

Thank You for prudence
Thank You for ease
Track Name: Yuma
this is not for the weak
because the strong become weak for moments
but the strong mind retains clarity even in darkness

I didn't know it'd be this way
but I expected nothing less

It's not a question
It's an unavoidable truth

you can die
you can burn
Track Name: Untitled
Excuse me if I'm staring
It's hard to look away
I just want to hold on
It's going to be ok
and you're going to be alright

Sometimes you're just making up the world in you mind
Placing blame and jealousy in all the wrong places
Track Name: Feel It Right
it's Ok
this is how it goes
new small things
this is how it goes

You're right here with me tonight

It's here that I shed
Shed my younger skin
crystal clear blues and greens

So inspired, my soul overflows with love

You cannot take a picture of this

Just feel it right

right now